Expro Events & Exhibits offers turnkey solutions for events, weddings and warehousing. The list of services offered by Expro apart from the tentage include on-site event management, F & B management, signage and graphics, staging and lighting solutions, electrical and power back-ups, and security services.

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    Expro offers the complete range of event solutions and services along with a vast inventory of infrastructure and supplies to choose from. With the largest, varied and most interesting inventory in India for event infrastructure and related supplies, any size of event and combinations can be created….limited only by imagination.

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    Weddings in India are nothing less than a grand coming together of family, friends, festivities, frolic, flowers, fun and much more.
    We believe that a wedding is more than a lovely occasion or an event; it is a bright new beginning as two become one.



Are you looking for a solution to fulfil short term space requirements not only for storage but also for production? Do you have to bridge a warehouse bottleneck occurring at short notice or whether you want to invest in additional space capacities for warehouses and logistics in the longer term, we have the right solution for you!


Temporary Warehousing Solutions on rentals:

Temporary warehousing structures offer a fast and economically attractive alternative for your storage needs. Expro temporary storage structure solutions are available at short notice, enabling a fast response.
If you have space or land and are looking for creating a warehousing space on a temporary basis or say a short duration of period ranging from a few months to a few years, we have the right solutions with us.
After study of your site, our team designs the right solution as per the client's requirements. Once suitable at your end and confirmed, we deliver and install it at site for the period of your requirement and remove it once the requirement is over.

Why go for a temporary warehousing solution?

Companies requiring setup a warehouse has an alternate to build permanent structures. However, building a temporary warehouse has many unforeseen advantages.
First and foremost, the solution of building a permanent structure shall not only be unfeasible economically, but also take months or years to construct. We can deliver the structure components and build the structure on-site within weeks.
Second, since the requirement is of temporary nature and for a certain time period only, making a permanent structure would certainly not be feasible.
Third, what if 2000 sq. feet of warehouse needs to be reduced for some specific reason? Or if a further 3000 sq. feet of additional warehouse is required suddenly? With a dynamic and ever-changing nature of business environment, companies shall also benefit from the temporary solutions since the structure can be modified as per requirement.
Forth, no business house would like to block its working capital for a product, which is dead money. It would certainly be wiser for them to invest it in their core business and increase their productivity.
Lastly, if the requirement of a storage space suddenly comes up, getting the desired approvals for building a permanent space from the government authorities might take months defeating the very purpose of creating a storage space. In addition, government regulations in India allow a maximum of 70 percent of the total area to be constructed for permanent storage. However, there is no such regulation by the government authorities for temporary storage, enabling smart use of existing space.

What do we offer?

We provide a vast range of products for warehousing solutions for companies.
Our main set of temporary structures comprises of MS/Iron structures with CGI sheet covering. These are available in 52'/62'/72' & 80' clear span with side height ranging from 16' to 18'.
If the client is looking for a better-looking option, we can provide "A" frame aluminium German marquees in span spans ranging from 20m to 40m. In this case, the eave (side) height shall be 4m & the ridge (central) height ranging from 7 to 10m. Top shall be covered with opaque, flame retardant white PVC fabric & the sides can be covered both with soft PVC fabric or metal colour coded sheet.
A few of our clientage include:

  • Moser Baer India ltd.
  • Maruti Suzuki India ltd
  • Suzuki Powertrain India ltd.
  • Coca Cola
  • ModiTyre Ltd.

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